Little Light is on the Road!

It’s been a very busy few weeks for Monkeyshine. There has been a frenetic flurry of activity getting ready for our new show, Little Light, as well as the arrival of the newest member of the Monkeyshine family.  We weren’t sure if baby or show would come first but as it happened the patter of little feet came a week before the show. Baby girl is doing really well and has already been to a dress rehearsal! Our fantastic team kept rehearsals going and the show is now ready to make it’s own entrance into the world. It will be opening tomorrow to a sold out house in Drogheda Arts Centre before heading off around the country.

It’s been a lot of hard work but it’s so exciting to see the show set out on it’s journey.  We hope you can meet it along the way!

If you want to make your own little house to fill with light or treats or gifts, then head to our Little Light page and print yourself a template.