As artists we challenge ourselves to investigate, question and dig deep into the world around us. 

With bold experimentation of theme and form we craft vivid, thought provoking and ingenious stories. 

Creating world class theatre with playful sensitivity and a warm hearted style.


Our Story

We are artists and theatre makers with a passion for making and sharing stories. We create theatre, immersive worlds and interactive experiences for adults and children.  

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Current Adventures

This year we are digging deep into the very roots of our art, asking imortant questions, learning new skills and taking time to reflect on what we do and
why we do it. 

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Our Work

Monkeyshine’s journey so far has been a joyful one, filled with bold adventures unexpected discoveries and a dedication to question, challenge and celebrate the world around us.  

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Nature is not something other than us, it is us.

Our love of the natural world runs deep. Now more than ever we are driven to share stories that build and rebuild connections between people and the planet.  For this reason, we often create and perform outdoors. If we aren’t in our studio then we will probably be devising in the forest, rehearsing in a field or chatting around the campfire. Come and find us!

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Monkeyshine’s Child Safeguarding Statement is prepared in accordance with the Children First Act 2015, and The Children First National Guidance. It sets out the principles and procedures to be observed to ensure, as far as possible, that a child interacting with Monkeyshine Theatre is safe from harm.