Alice in the Park

Alice in the Park was a rip roaring re-telling of the famous story with lots of laughter and song. The story follows the unfortunate Alice Long as she starts her first day at work as Park Manager in a busy city park in Dublin. There has been a mix up, her story loving underlings don’t realise she is their new boss and take her for the volunteer they are. As she tries to explain herself things go from bad to worse and she finds her self caught up in a story that mirrors and twists reality.

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This site specific piece was created for The International Literature Festival Dublin to coincide with the centenary of Alice in Wonderland.  The show took place in our very own Vagabond theatre as part of a whole day of events inspired by Alice in Wonderland and dedicated to story telling.

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The Team

Written and Directed by Kareen Pennefather

Designed by James Jobson

Music By Kate Powell

Stage Management by James Powell

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Performed by

Nicholas Kavanagh

Eoin Lynch

Mary-Lou McCarthy

Kate Powell