Digging Deeper

Our passions for theatre, stories, community and nature continue to collide. This year we are researching and developing a myriad of new work inspired by the natural world.  We are looking at the importance of soil, the rhythms of the seasons, ancient creation myths and modern rituals that connect us to each other and back to the earth.

It has been evident for some time that people are becoming more and more detached from the natural world. Technology provides us with some wonderful and exciting new possibilities and may indeed be the answer to many of our modern struggles but it also brings with it new problems. Both urban and rural children spend less and less time outside. A screen dominated life is increasing isolation and decreasing connections between families, friends and communities. We are loosing some of the knowledge and physical skills of the past that brought us together and gave us purpose and forfillment.

This year we are exploring new ways of using theatre to create connections. Telling stories, making music, building multi sensory spaces and creating community rituals. We will be  exploring how technology might be harnessed as a means of reconnecting us with the earth. We will be creating shared experiences which remind us all of the pleasure and importance of getting outside and spending time with each other. 


Springing into Spring

After a fabulous and frenetic winter tour of ‘Little Light’  we settled into the darker months busily preparing for a new year of magic from the warmth of our new office. 

As the first bulbs appeared, our latest show ‘The Magic Bookshop’ set out on the road for a national tour.  It has been a real hit with audiences up and down the country and received some great reviews.  RTE Radio 1 Book Show visited us on tour and we appeared on the show on Saturday the 7th of April. 

Now, as the weather  begins to get warmer, we are very much looking forward to another excitng year jam packed with adventures.  We will keep you posted and hopefully we can meet you along the way! 

Happy New Year!!!

It's been an amazing 2015 filled with adventures, We have been chasing white rabbits, finding princesses, saving books, weaving stories and battling trolls to rescue the sun. Now it's time for a well earned break before we set out on the adventures of 2016.  We better not rest for too long, we have a lot to do!  We have to take on the dreaded shredder in the Magic Bookshop, surprise and entire school with the Vagabond, travel back in time with Losha and sail upon the high seas with Voyage.  It's going to busy and it's going to be fun. come and meet us along the way and join the adventure!! 

Little Light is on the Road!

Little Light is on the Road!

t’s been a very busy few weeks for Monkeyshine. There has been a frenetic flurry of activity getting ready for our new show, Little Light, as well as the arrival of the newest member of the Monkeyshine family.  We weren’t sure if baby or show would come first but as it happened the patter of little feet came a week before the show. Baby girl is doing really well and has already been to a dress rehearsal! Our fantastic team kept rehearsals going and the show is now ready to make it’s own entrance into the world. It will be opening tomorrow to a sold out house in Drogheda Arts Centre before heading off around the country.

It’s been a lot of hard work but it’s so exciting to see the show set out on it’s journey.  We hope you can meet it along the way!

If you want to make your own little house to fill with light or treats or gifts, then head to our Little Light page and print yourself a template.  


We have been busy researching and developing ideas for a new show all about communication.

We invited writer Louise Stern to join us. Louise is the fourth generation to be born deaf in her family and has written an acclaimed selection of short stories and a novel inspired by her experiences. She also speaks about the subject of communication alongside her interpreter Oliver Pouliot. Oliver also joined the process and had a lot to offer. He is hearing but grew up in a deaf family with sign as his first language. They also brought Brett Best who is another interpreter that they both work with regularly.

This is the very early stage of our process. It’s a bit like starting a fire. We take the little glimmer of an idea, add some tinder and gently blow on it and if we are lucky it bursts into flames. This time it certainly did!

We teased apart the concept of communication asking questions like, ‘What is the difference between communication and expression?’, ‘Is communication a human right?’ and ‘What are the building blocks of communication?’

We shared lots of stories about our experiences growing up in different countries and within different cultures. We laughed a lot, sometimes we were shocked and sometimes touched.

The process was rich and left us with a great deal to explore. We are very excited about where this little idea is going to go.