Snow covers the land, darkness has settled in to stay. This is the magical story of a little girl’s adventure to bring back the Sun.



Winter winds are blowing, the storytellers are coming, bringing magic from the far north. They carry with them a wonderful, heartwarming winter story of a little girl’s adventure to bring back the Sun and save her family.

Warm in their cozy house, a family waits for the days to grow longer and spring to arrive. But one day the Sun doesn’t rise. When it doesn’t rise the next day or the next and Darkness settles in to stay, they realize someone has stolen the Sun!

Filled with live music, stunning imagery, playful storytelling and all the goodness of the season.

This is the perfect winter treat for everyone over 5

Inspired by LUCIA AND THE LIGHT by Phyllis Root
Illustrated by Mary GrandPre by permission of Walker Books Ltd, London


Little Light 2015 Tour Has Now Finished.

Performed by Nicholas Kavanagh, Eoin Lynch, Emer O’Carroll and Kate Powell.

Directed by Kareen Pennefather. Designed by James Jobson. Lighting Design Michael Cummins. Sound Design Denis Roche. Assistant Director Susie Lamb. Production Manager Hannah McCormick. Graphic Design Dan Pennefather.

Co Commissioned by The Pavilion Theatre Dun Laoghaire
Supported by the Arts Council. National tour