Grow - 2018

Dreams of future possibilities, a cargo of cutting edge technology, analog mechanics, familiar plants and unexpected surprises.

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Sensing soil.jpg

Sensing Soil - 2017

A collaboration between artists, researchers and the community.

Voyage - 2016

A coming of age story inspired by Gullivers Travels.

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The Magic Bookshop - 2015

It’s a treasure trove of wonders where old books flock together and their stories hop from the pages.

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Alice in the Park - 2015

A site specific farcical retelling of Alice in Wonderland.

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Little Light - 2015

It is winter and snow covers the land. Warm in their cozy house, a family waits for the days to grow longer and spring to arrive. But one day the Sun doesn’t rise. When it doesn’t rise the next day or the next & Darkness settles in to stay, they realise someone has stolen the Sun!

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Set Sail -2014

Following the success of our culture Night challenge 2013 The Hawkswell Theatre and The Model Arts Centre invited us back to create two new pieces of simultaneous site specific theatre.

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Two Worlds - 2013

For Culture Night 2013 were were given a challenge: create two site specific performances which will happen at the same time in two different venues. The results were a tailor with out any trousers and a slightly stressed Doctor!

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The Kids Village - 2013

A field full of artistic adventures for children. The Westport Music and food festival 2013

Story Weavers - 2013

Join the Story Weavers as they make preparations to weave a story. There is a basket for everyone to gather inspiration on the foraging walk and then it’s back to the Story Tent to weave a brand new story.

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The Selfish Giant - 2012

A site specific retelling of Oscar Wilde’s The Selfish Giant. Created for The Tallaght Unwrapped festival.

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Losha - 2011

A feast for the senses filled with poetry and dance, shadow play, and puppetry. Losha is a rich and thoughtful play that captures the heart and stirs the memory.

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Big Mamas.jpg

Big Mama’s Garden- 2011

A field full of fun and creativity for all the family. The Temple House Music Festival

The Paper Princess - 2010

An interactive theatre experience for children of 3 yrs and up with a Victorian toy theatre and live music.

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The Gift (re-worked) - 2009

The story of two children who make very long lists for Santa only to receive an empty box. This is a celebration of the imagination, of creativity and of what can happen when children are given space to play.

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The Connections Project - 2009

A participatory Project bringing together teenagers and professional artists to create a piece of theatre in a week.

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Alice - 2008

An ingenious adaptation of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland, the audience were invited to follow Alice down the rabbit hole and join her as she wonders through a real life wonderland.

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The Bedmaker - 2008

The Bedmaker transforms a bed into a performance landscape.
This is a multi-sensory, highly participatory experience for young children.

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The Gift - 2007

This ingenious physical theatre production uses cardboard, wrapping paper and ribbon to create a world where anything can happen.

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Grimm Jam - 2007

Grimm Jam follows one man’s journey on a magic train ride through a deliciously wicked cocktail of sweet and slimy stories.

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The Grandmother - 2006

Slowly but surely George’s mischievous nature and happy spirit begins to melt his grumpy grandmother’s long frozen heart.

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Chilly in the Dark Times - 2005

A little girl falls asleep and one of her more mischievous dreams comes alive, wakes her up and wants to play.

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Lost Property - 2001

This bittersweet physical comedy explored the lives of two women stuck in the most mundane of jobs, processing other peoples lost property. Within the repetitive rhythm of their dull existence, imagination takes hold.

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Reviews & Comments

‘The Paper Princess really stood out as it was interactive and had the young and older members of the audience not only entertained but filled with warmth.’
— Delegate at the Theatre For Young Audiences Gathering 2010
‘…A unique atmosphere, which was hard to look away from.’
— Children’s Express
‘…Excellent physical theatre with a comic touch’
— Fringe Report
This particular moment, shared in the quiet and the shadowy light of the Solstice Arts Centre stage, was up there with the most precious of them all.’
— A review of Losha, By Shane Breslin
‘Monkeyshine Theatre clearly have a talent for children’s shows’
— Three Weeks at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013
Absolutely wonderful. Proof again that imagination is the greatest toy!
— Parent, at the Bed Maker

I have great respect for Monkeyshine Theatre because of their dedication to learn and explore and further their craft as an organization. Most important is the willingness to be open to collaborative work by inviting others to stretch their boundaries, to share ideas and resources. Monkeyshine Theatre is fresh and exciting.

Programme Director Baboro International Arts Festival for Children



 Monkeyshine is one of my favourite Irish theatre companies.
I always find their work original and very entertaining. It is so well pitched for the age ranges it covers and their attention to detail and inventiveness is outstanding within the international scene.

I offer them my wholehearted support and believe they deserve a wonderful future for the company and its aspirations in entertaining and delivering first class theatre for children. They are an Irish treasure.

Vicky Ireland MBE, FRSA - Vice Chair TYA England & Board member TYA UK