You are invited to a party! There’s glitter and sparkles, a tiny theatre and a magical story to be told...



Roll up your sleeves, open your ears and sit down and watch as the paper princess is whisked away, up into the sky, out into the world.


‘Monkeyshine Theatre clearly have a talent for children’s shows’
Three Weeks at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013

‘A thoroughly engaging show for younger children’
Broadway Baby at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013

‘The Paper Princess really stood out as it was interactive and had the young and older members of the audience not only entertained but filled with warmth.’
Delegate at the Theatre for Young Audiences Gathering 2010


This is an interactive theatre experience for children of 3 yrs and up with a Victorian toy theatre and live music. Created in 2010 by Kareen Pennefather and James Jobson. Based on the book, 'The Paper Princess’ by Elisa Kleven.
The show continues to tour.