Two Worlds


In 2013 We created two interactive installations. In The Model we built a drift wood shack where you could visit the tailor of Lilliput to be measured for a special pair of trousers. He will also tell you his amazing stories about all the things the giant stood on before he reached the city of Liliput.

In The Hawkswell you could meet Gulliver himself and assist him as he prepared to present and defend his findings to the Royal academy of experts. Will anyone believe him? The audience help him write a convincing script for his presentation.

2013-09-20 18.00.08.jpg

Created For Culture Night 2013

Commissioned by The Hawkswell Theatre

And the Model Arts Centre Sligo

The Team

Directed by Kareen Pennefather

Designed by James Jobson

Performed by Paul Curley and Nicholas Kavanagh