The Tide is high, the wind is blowing and adventure is calling! 

Jack is angry and disappointed because his Dad is busy working, again. Sitting alone in a dusty corner of his fathers workshop the boy slips into magical world filled with wild stories, ferocious storms and far off lands. Voyage is an epic coming of age story playfully told with ropes, pulleys and power tools.

Inspired by the tales of Gullivers Travels, Monkeyshine create an astonishing world where nothing is quite what it seems and life becomes a miraculous journey.


An electrifying, big-hearted epic for everyone over eight, inspired by Jonathan Swift’s fantastic tales of Gulliver’s Travels


The creation of Voyage grew from a number of years of work exploring and playing with ideas inspired by Johnathan Swifts story, Gulliver's Travels.  During this process we worked in collaboration with The Model Arts Centre and The Hawkswell Theatre, both in Sligo.  We created four short, playful performances and interactive installations for their Culture Night events in 2013 and 2014.  Each year we made two pieces that were designed to be seen either individually or in relation to each other.  The work created in these more experimental pieces, together with a period of dedicated R+D in 2015 fed into the final performance and informed the paired back design style and approach to the narrative.

DSC_0037 copy.JPG

In 2013 We created two interactive installations. In The Model we built a drift wood shack where you could visit the tailor of Lilliput to be measured for a special pair of trousers. In The Hawkswell you could meet Gulliver himself and assist him as he prepared to present and defend his findings to the Royal academy of experts.

In 2014 Hawkswell audiences were invited to become part of the ships crew. Loading in the luggage and hearing stories of the strange Doctor who had a reputation for wild tales and sinking ships. While in the Model children and adults were asked to put on aprons and make tiny loves of bread. Which were then baked in The Upper crust bakery, of Lilliput, before being carried off on a small ship to feed a visiting giant.

Produced by Monkeyshine Theatre in partnership with the Strollers Touring Network.

The tour of this production was supported by the Arts Council, The Strollers touring Network and Babóro International Children’s Festival